The Rogue Territory Copper Selvedge Canvas Service Shirt (CSC) is the first limited release from our friends at RGT for 2021 and it might be claiming some "shirt of the year" awards already. Made from a super heavy 15oz selvedge canvas from Japan and built by hand in Los Angeles. 

The fabric on this one is deceivingly coarse which we love to see and you'll notice right out of the box. There are a lot of canvas jackets out in the world, this one is not like them. This canvas uses a large weave for a distinct texture that will be extremely hard-wearing over its long lifetime. 

The Service Shirt is a staple silhouette from Rogue Territory and is intended to be worn as a shirt or a jacket, depending on the situation and your preference. This canvas will break in very nicely within the first few wears and will serve you very well as either a shirt or jacket in any climate. Even though the fabric is hardy and thick, it's very easily worn and layers great (makes a great partner to the Supply Jacket as pictured, if we do say so ourselves).


S 24.5" 25" 18.25" 16"
M 25.25" 25.5" 19.5" 16.75"
L 25.75" 26" 20.5" 17.5"
XL 26.75" 27" 21.5" 18"
XXL 28" 27.25" 23.5" 19"