In Party In The Back, celebrated skateboarder Tino Razo has documented -- and shredded -- abandoned backyard swimming pools throughout Southern California. The resulting body of work, showcased here for the first time in Tino's book, elevates itself beyond a bunch of thrill-seekers navigating the suburban landscape, juxtaposing renegade sessions by world class skateboarders with dramatic architectural photographs of a lost American dream. Party In The Back is a lyrical photo-eulogy for this disappearing pool culture, bathed in the golden Southern Californian light.

This is a book that we will cherish for a very long time. Skateboarding could be credited as the reason our store exists, and discovering skateboarding as young teenagers paved the way to every creative endeavor throughout our lives. Tino's book documents an extremely niche corner of skate culture that is truly a gem in the photo book world.

192 pages, 221 images
8.125 inches x 10.75 inches
Clothbound hardcover