The Left Field Greaser 14oz Vidalia Mills Selvedge Denim are a very special pair of jeans. These are one of the first new pairs of jeans to be made using Vidalia Mills' fabric. Vidalia Mills is the first new selvedge denim mill in the US since Cone White Oak began over 100 years ago. Vidalia Mills is located in Vidalia, Louisiana and has taken over the old Fruit of the Loom Mill that had closed and left the town in an economic downfall for years. They are in Partnership with BASF Agriculture Services producing quality denim using e3, certified sustainable American cotton and can trace each roll of denim back to the American Farm it was grown on. The Denim is woven on Vidalia's Draper X3 selvedge denim loom, 45 of which were acquired from the Cone White Oak Plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. Vidalia is carrying on the Torch from Cone White Oak while doing so in a much more environmentally friendly way. 

The Greaser fit is a well balanced slim-straight fit with a very slight taper. This cut is loosely based on an 80's 501 cut which has a medium-high rise and a very flattering cut. Note: All Left Field denim comes as a 36" inseam. We offer free chainstitch hemming on all denim purchases. Please add this product to your cart and select your desired inseam from the drop down. (A 100% discount will automatically be applied with a denim purchase).

A note about the Draper X3 looms and why these are so special to us:

If you're not a denim-head like we are, you're probably wondering just what the hell we're talking about right now. You see, not only is Vidalia Mills the newest denim mill in the USA, it's currently the only operating mill in the USA. Like most things, denim mills moved overseas several decades ago - which is not a bad thing, the Japanese have done an absolutely incredible job of creating some of the finest denim fabrics on the planet. But the mill in Vidalia is something special. These Draper X3 looms we keep talking about (these are large machines from the late 1930's that actually spin the cotton into the fabric) are the very same looms that produced the legendary Levi's denim from the 1940's into the mid 80's. Not only that, they were designed and manufactured by a company here in Rockford, Illinois called Barber-Colman - who's massive factory remains rest about a half a mile from our store. 


• 14 oz Vidalia Mills red line selvedge Raw denim
• 27% indigo Warp
• Made with the original Cone White Oak Draper X3 looms
• 100% E3 certified sustainable American grown cotton
• Pick and shovel logo on inside rivets and tacks
• American made Universal copper and brass hardware
• Left Field Coal Miner bandana pocket bags
• Crafted with pride in the USA

Size Chart:

Please call or email with any questions about the fit, etc of Left Field denim.