Yep! Flavored toothpicks. Tastier and way cooler than smoking cigarettes, while still fulfilling that oral fixation and making you look tough as nails. Also good for cleaning your teeth. This kit contains 2 glass tubes filled with 12 toothpicks each.

Cinna Mint No.7- is warm and spicy and classic that is slightly sweetened with a touch of peppermint, not sugar. In addition to cinnamon and peppermint expect notes of clove and honeysuckle.

Mint No.9- is made of a menagerie of mint varieties and pleasing ingredients like wintergreen, peppermint, sweet fennel, juniper, and several other natural oils.


If you give it a minute and a gentle bite, the essence of the spirit - the botanicals, extracts, and phenols - will start to release from deep inside the birch rewarding you with the more delicate and delicious tasting notes.

2 bottles x 12 toothpicks per bottle.

Made in Canada