The Chrome Industries BLKCHRM Bravo 3.0 is the largest backpack that we carry from Chrome and this thing is a workhorse. Chrome has come a long way in the last decade, and the current output of bags really spotlights their tenure as backpack and luggage builders. The Bravo is an impeccably designed backpack with a minimalist appearance and tons of clever hidden features. The most notable of these being the removable fully waterproof tote bag that serves as a main compartment liner. 

The BLKCHRM series is made with a lightweight and ultra durable material called XPAC, which is a nylon laminate fabric: two layers of abrasion resistant nylon with a X pattern of polyester cord sandwiched between to prevent tearing and give structure to the bag. 

  • 35 Liter Volume
  • 19.5" H | 13.25" W | 6.75" D
  • Cordura TPX Durable Laminate Technology
  • Removable taped waterproof tote liner
  • Quick access laptop sleeve and zip back pockets
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits 16" Macbook Pro