We offer chainstitch hemming on all denim and trousers under 24oz using our vintage Union Special 43200. The legendary 43200 produces a unique "roping" effect on the hem, which is an iconic detail of high quality denim and cannot be reproduced on modern sewing machines. We will do our best to match the thread color throughout your jeans unless otherwise requested.

Hemming services are typically completed and shipped within 2-5 business days.

For most denim over 24oz: 

For ultra-heavyweight denim we will usually need to resort to a modern lockstitch hem. The integrity of the stitch is just as strong and reliable as a chainstitch (more so, actually) but has a slightly different appearance on the inside of the hem. Antique sewing machines like the Union Special 43200 are fussy and can be difficult to coerce into cooperating with heavyweight denim, using a different machine that is intended for ultra heavy fabrics insures that your pants are altered to the highest standard and will hold up as long as the fabric does. 

Our hemming service is included for free with the purchase of any pair of pants from our shop, add this product to your cart and the discount will automatically be applied. Please take very careful measurements of your inseam to ensure proper fit, once these pants go to the sewing machine, they cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have any questions about finding the right fit, don't hesitate to give a call or email. 

If you are mailing jeans to us: you are responsible for shipping costs + safe handling. Packages will be returned via USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground. Please include your order number with your package. Bottoms will be returned to the original shipping address unless otherwise noted. 

Mail jeans to:

Thirdmark Supply House

120 N Madison St. 

Rockford, IL 61107 USA