It's finally here. The Indigo Crosscut Shirt from 3Sixteen. This shirt is a peak into the future of 3Sixteen, and let me tell ya - the future is bright. This piece is the first foray into manufacturing outside the USA - the philosophy behind this move is not to cut corners or slash prices - but rather to go to the part of the world that excels at working with a particular type of fabric. 

The hand loomed, hand dyed indigo Crosscut is produced in India and, as the title suggests, is loomed by hand - the texture achieved by this is one that is impossible to reproduce by machine. The weave has varying fiber thickness which results in the appearance of small crosshatches and boxes that give the shirt a unique hand feel. The tightness of the weave Alsop varies; in certain spots, you can visibly recognize the fibers and in others it's incredibly dense. 

India was the earliest major indigo production center, and to this day Indian craftsmen still produce some of the most beautiful indigo on the planet. The fibers for this shirt were meticulously dyed by hand to achieve the irregular shade present.



The Crosscut shirt is a staple for 3Sixteen, this new treatment fits in-line with previous iterations. 

 Sizing S M L XL XXL
Chest 19.25" 21.5" 22.75" 23.75" 25"
Length 28" 28.5" 29" 29.5" 30.5"
Sleeve 25.75" 26.25" 27.25" 27.75" 28"
Shoulder 17.5" 18" 18.75" 19.25" 20.25"