These 100% cotton sweatpants feature a hefty 500gsm fleece combined with a clean, modern silhouette. Inset triangular gussets down the thighs give the wearer added room and comfort in the top block while still allowing the sweatpant to taper nicely. Made in Canada.


Sizing: While we've provided detailed measurements, please note that fleece stretches significantly so sizing is not as exact a science as other bottoms. The waist measurement is especially misleading. We've provided sizing suggestions based on your 3sixteen bottom tagged waist size, but you're also able to size up or down based on your own personal fit preference if you find yourself on one of the size thresholds. Another thing we've found is that our sweatpant size matches up reasonably well with what size top you wear in 3sixteen. We suggest going by the waist chart below first, and then using your top size as a secondary check.

S: 28-30
M: 30-32
L: 32-34
XL: 34-36
2X: 36-38

3Sixteen Heavyweight Sweatpants Size Guide