This isn't the first time we've seen the inspiration of the 20th-century abstract artist Hans Jean Arp appear in 3sixteen's patterns and design themes, but there is something about this piece that sets itself apart from others. 

This is 3sixteen's second season utilizing new factories and artisans in India, and the Arp Camo CPO Shirt might be the best representation of traditional Indian handcraft yet. The base fabric is a beautiful khadi cotton canvas with a tight, uniform weave that has a hint of the quintessential irregularity. Khadi is a hand loomed fabric central to India’s heritage. It uses stubby hand spun yarns that are then hand loomed into a beautifully irregular fabric.

The fabric is then printed with a bold camouflage that we designed based on the artwork of Hans Jean Arp. Each shape in the camo is reminiscent of a piece of Arp’s work, whether it be a collage, sculpture, or painting. Individual wood blocks are hand carved for each color and then carefully stamped, which gives the dynamic, slightly off-register print.

  • 100% cotton hand loomed khadi fabric
  • Hand block printed
  • Replica BDU buttons
  • Custom designed camo pattern