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Changing Plans & Staying Productive

We're now two full weeks into a quarantine, our store is closed and most of our suppliers are closed or operating with a skeleton crew. It's been interesting to watch this unfold from day to day as a retail business. Everyone is scrambling to reinvent their business to operate within these new limitations, but we all know we can't invest too much energy into changing how we do things because eventually, hopefully, things will be back to how they were.

We've taken some of this time to dive into all of our backend projects that we can never squeeze in. The evenings of our first week were spent finishing building out all of our new fixtures for the shop. Since we're closed all day anyway, it was time to break out the hammer drill. But, waking up this morning to a federal announcement that Pres. Trump has extended the mandates to April 30th has us feeling some kind of way about the time and money spent on physically shopable fixtures.

So now, like all of our peers, we're working to make a plan to keep things moving along. We've spent the last 6 months curating a relatively narrow range of very special product to bring into the store, now the boxes with all of our new merch are starting to show up. Typically we'd have a big party to launch all of this fun new stuff, but obviously we won't be doing that any time soon. So a virtual launch party it is. We're working to figure out how to make this happen, and to get our shop in shape to present all of the new product that we have available.